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SACRED HEART: Monthly Spiritual Messages: Come to Me: sfo29/06come

                                                                                   The Sacred Heart, Franciscan Connection: sfo24/msm22-06

                                  Homilies: sfo24/06.15sacheart , sfo24/205.30come


SACRED SCRIPTURE: Letter: Read the Word of God: sfo25/7read


SAFETY: PowerPoint: Safety at Work: sfo24/safety.pps


SAINT AGNES OF PRAGUE: Homily: Sensible Vigilance: sfo24/503.02agnes.doc


SAINT ANDREW KIM TAEGON: Homily: Save Your Life: sfo24/509.20.doc


SAINT ANGELA OF FOLIGNO: Feature: Spiritual Guide: sfo24/spiritual.docx

                                                        Homily: Visionary Sister of Penance: sfo24/vis.docx                                            


SAINT ANTHONY OF PADUA: Sermons on St Anthony (Matthew of Aquasparta): sfo13/1faw

Homilies: Doctor of the Church: sfo24/206.13padua.doc Extraordinary Signs: sfo24/506.13signs.doc

Monthly Spiritual Message: St Anthony for Secular Franciscans: sfo24/message122.doc


SAINT BERARD AND HIS COMPANIONS: Homily: sfo24/01.16berard


SAINT BERNARDINE OF SIENA: sfo13/1faw. Homily: Holy Name: sfo24/305.20bernardine.doc



             Ascetical Writings:  sfo13/1faw

              Homilies: A Light to All: sfo24/307.15light

                               Let Your Light Shine: sfo24/shine.docx

                              Sevenfold Gifts: sfo24/seven.docx 

             Features: Saint Bonaventure: sfo24/bonaventure.doc

                               The Theology of Thomas and Bonaventure: sfo24/tombon.doc

                              The Relevance of St Bonaventure: sfo24/relev.docx


SAINT CLARE: Sermons on St Clare (Matthew of Aquasparta): sfo13/1faw

              Vocation and conversion: sfo30/threeclare.doc 

              Homilies:    Guardian of the Franciscans: sfo24/208.11clareguardian

                                  An Example to Those Living in the World: sfo24/08.11clare

                                  Patron of Television: sfo24/408.11patron.doc

                                  Ordinary but Extraordinry: sfo24/clareord.doc 


              Monthly Spiritual Messages: Model and Mirror of Jesus: sfo24/message103.doc

                                                                Saint Clare of Assisi: Part One: sfo24/msm21-08  Part Two: sfo24/msm21-09 

                                                                                                Part Three: sfo24/msm21-10  Part Four: sfo24/clarmir.docx

                                                                Formator, Spiritual Director: sfo24/msm23-08 


              Retreat Talk: St Clare's Faith: sfo45/pga.doc


              YouTube:  St Clare of Assisi and the Poor Clares: sfo24/ stcl.docx

                                Francis and Clare of Assisi: sfo24/fca.docx 


SAINT COLETTE: Homily: True Follower: sfo24/302.07colette.doc


SAINT ELIZABETH OF HUNGARY: Monthly Spiritual Messages: Patroness of the OFS: sfo03/11hungary

                                                                                                                   Descendent of St Elizabeth: sfo24/msm20-11 

                                                                Feature: Benedict XVI: St Elizabeth of Hungary: sfo24/hungary.doc

                                                                History: Glory of Franciscan Penitents: sfo02/history

                                                                Reflections: 800th Centenary of Birth: sfo2/ELIZABETH.htm

                                                                Homily: Elizabeth of Thuringia: 11.17hungary.htm


SAINT ELIZABETH OF PORTUGAL: Homily: sfo24/07.04elizport



            Introducing St Francis: Leaflet: sfo01/1intro.doc

            Life of St Francis: sfo19/2life

             Formator of Franciscans: sfo06/4franform

            St Francis and Youth: sfo09/10frannew

            St Francis Day letter: sfo25/6day

            Sermons on St Francis (Matthew of Aquasparta): sfo13/1faw

            The Spirituality of St Francis: sfo24/spirituality.doc


             Patron of Those Who Promote Ecology: sfo02/creation/patron

             Saint Francis and Ecology: sfo24/ecology.doc 

             Saint Francis Loved Creation: sfo24/loved.doc 

            Guide for a Balanced Ecology: sfo02/creation/guide         


            PowerPoint: sfo19/life.ppt  sfo38/3life.ppt

                Prayer of St Francis: sfo24/prayerfrancis.pps

               “Founder” of the Three Orders: sfo19/3founder with PowerPoint: sfo19/founder.ppt

               The Stigmata and St Francis of Assisi: sfo24/stigfra.pptx 


            YouTube: The Peace Prayer of St Francis: sfo24/stf.docx 

                              Francis and Clare of Assisi: sfo24/fca.docx 

                              Saint Francis of Assisi : sfo24/sfa.docx


            Video: St Francis and the Challenges of the Gospel: sfo24/challenge.docx 



               Model for Youth:  sfo24/310.04youthmodel.doc

               User-friendly Saint: sfo24/userfriendly.doc

              St Francis and the Challenge of Poverty: sfo37/4poverty.doc

               St Francis and Peter Waldo: sfo24/waldo.doc

               St Francis and the Sultan: sfo24/sultan.docx 

               Rich Man, Poor Man: sfo24/richpoor.doc

               St Francis and Pope Francis: sfo24/pope1.docx   sfo24/pope2.docx

               St Francis of Assisi in Laudato Si': sfo24/laudsi.docx

               The Real Francis: sfo24/real.docx 

               The Stigmatization of St Francis: sfo24/stigma.docx

              St Francis, Peacemaker: sfo24/maker.docx


            Monthly Spiritual Messages:

              The Promotion of St Francis is Vital for Our Times: sfo24/message137

               Promote Saint Francis: sfo24/msm17-06 

               Take Time to Promote St Francis: sfo24/message139 

              Peaceful Revolutionary: sfo03/10francis

              Stigmata: sfo03/09stigmata

               Francis and Penance: sfo24/message72.doc

               St Francis Transformed: sfo24/message101.doc

               Francis, the Sign that Points to Christ: sfo24/message102.doc

               Francis, A Man of Suffering and Forgiveness: sfo24/message120.doc

               Francis Negotiated Peace: sfo24/msm14-2.docx

               Francis and the Sultan: Part 1: sfo24/msm14-10  Part 2: sfo24/msm14-11 

                                                  Part 3: sfo24/msm14-12

               Was St Francis Born in a Stable?: sfo24/msm17-12 



               Stigmata: sfo24/09.17stigmata  sfo24/stig.docx

                Our Model: sfo24/10.04model (short) sfo24/our.doc (long)

                A Model for Christians:  sfo24/310.04modelchristian.doc

               St Francis and his Canticle: sfo24/210.04canticle 

                Dedication of the Basilica of St Francis: Hear His Voice: sfo24/305.24basilica.doc

                Brother Francis: sfo24/410.04brother.doc

                Fool for Christ: sfo24/fool.doc

                I Give You Thanks: sfo2/thanks.doc

               Gentle and Humble: sfo24/gentle.docx 

               A Religious Man: sfo24/religious.docx


               Retreat Talk:

               St Francis' Experience: sfo45/csc.doc 


              SAINTS JOACHIM AND ANNE: Homily: sfo24/07.26joacanne


SAINT JOHN FISHER: Homily: Sacrifice and Service: sfo24/fisher.docx


SAINT JOHN PAUL II: PowerPoint: Definition of Forgetting:: sfo24/now.ppt

                                          (See: John Paul II) 


SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST: Homilies: Birth: Servant of the Lord: sfo24/206.24baptist.doc

                                                                                Someone We Do Not Know: sfo24/notknow.docx


SAINT JOSEPH:   Monthly Spiritual Messages:

                                 Husband of Mary: sfo03/03joseph

                                 Franciscan Devotion to St Joseph: sfo24/message131.doc 

                                The Life of St Joseph: sfo24/msm23-09 



                                 Husband of Mary: sfo24/03.19comgap

                                Trusting and Trustworthy: sfo24/joe.docx

                                 The Worker: Our Work Leads Us to God: sfo24/worker.docx 


                                 Feature: The Year of St Joseph: sfo24/joseph.docx


SAINT JOSEPH OF CUPERTINO: Homily: sfo24/09.18cupertino


SAINT MARTHA: Monthly Spiritual Message: sfo03/07martha


SAINT MARTIN OF TOURS: Homily: Model of St Francis: sfo24/model.docx


SAINT MARY MAGDALENE: Homilies: Return to the Father: sfo24/407.22return.doc

                                                                        Apostle of the Apostles: sfo24/mag.docx 


SAINT MARY OF THE CROSS (MACKILLOP): Homilies: No Worry: sfo24/noworry.doc

                                                                                                       Create a Space: sfo24/208.08mackillop

                                                                                                       Channels of Hope: sfo24/channels.docx 


             Monthly Spiritual Message: Son of the Immaculate: sfo24/message24.doc

              Homily: Martyr of Charity: sfo24/508.14martyr.doc



             Monthly Spiritual Message: It's the Mass That Matters: sfo24/message83.doc

             Homilies: It's the Mass That Matters:  sfo24/303.17patrick.doc

                             Source of Joy and Peace: sfo24/source.docx 


SAINT PETER BAPTIST AND COMPANIONS: sfo24/202.06peterbaptist.doc


SAINT PETER CHANEL: Homily: Repent and Believe: sfo24/304.28chanel


SAINTS PETER AND PAUL: Homilies: Leadership is Service: sfo24/206.29peterpaul

                                                                     Saviour Son of God: sfo24/saviour.docx


SAINTS PETER BAPTIST AND COMPANIONS: Homily: Way of the Cross: sfo24/502.06peter.doc


SAINT PIO OF PIETRELCINA: Homily: Gentle and Humble: sfo24/409.23pio.doc


SAINT THOMAS AQUINAS: Feature: The Theology of Thomas and Bonaventure: sfo24/tombon.doc


SAINT THOMAS MORE: Homily: Martyr of Conscience: sfo24/more.doc


SAINT VALENTINE: Homily: Lovers' Saint: sfo24/302.14valentine.doc


SAINTS: Monthly Spiritual Messages: The Communion of Saints: sfo24/message115.doc


                                                                   Saints and Sinners: sfo24/message143.doc


SCHEME: YouTube: The Scheme of Things: sfo24/scheme.docx


SEA: PowerPoint: The Sea: sfo24/sea.pps


SECRETS OF A HAPPY LIFE: PowerPoint: sfo18/08happylife.pps



             Formation of S.F.:  sfo06/7formsfo

            S.F. as Spiritual Assistants: sfo14/8nonfriars

            S.F. and Vatican II: sfo20/canfran/Alban98b

             Course of Formation as Spiritual Assistants: sfo14/workshop.doc

           Monthly Spiritual Message: S.F. Priorities: Part One: sfo24/msm19-09.docx

             PowerPoint: To Be A Secular Franciscan: sfo24/tobe.pptx  

             Leaflets: Who Are the Secular Franciscans?: sfo01/2whosecr.doc

                            Who Are We?: sfo01/3whoarewe.doc

                            Questions and Answers: sfo01/5questans.doc

                            Our Past, Present and Future: sfo01/6pastpref.doc     



            Monthly Spiritual Message: The Origins of the OFS: sfo24/msm19-08

                                                            An Order of Penitents: sfo24/msm22-04

                                                            Young People Joining?: sfo24/young.docx 


            Websites: International Council, National Fraternity of Oceania, National Fraternity of USA: sfo2/9links.htm

            Rebuild My Church: Leaflet: sfo01/4rebuildc.doc

            Rule and General Constitutions: sfo/rulesconst/2

            History: sfo06/1hscm. Comprehensive: sfo34/history.doc

            Historical Overview diagram: sfo07/histgram

            Situation Worldwide: sfo06/1hscm

            Current Movements: sfo06/1hscm

            Structures: sfo06/3strucgov

            Government: sfo06/3strucgov

            SFO and Franciscan Youth: sfo21/sfofum

             Manual for Spiritual Assistance to the SFO and Franciscan Youth: sfo/manual.doc

            Ministries with Franciscan Family in PNG: sfo06/9sfomin

            Documents: sfo27/1documents

            Reflections (Norbert Pittorino OFM): sfo24/ofs.docx



            sfo13/index3   sfo06/8spiritsf   sfo30/spirituality

            Following the Gospel in a Secular Environment: sfo37/1secenviron

            Franciscan Outreach towards a Contemporary Society: sfo37/3society


SECULARITY: sfo20/canfran/retreat2 


SELECTED TOPICS: Patrick Colbourne OFMCap: sfo37/37.htm



            For Friar Assistants: sfo04/4

                        Contents: sfo04/0content

            For All Assistants: sfo05/5

            In Papua New Guinea: sfo06/6

            For Spiritual Assistants (Philippines): sfo14/2seminar

            Encounter of SFO Spiritual Assistants (Philippines): sfo14/3encounter


SENSITIVITY: Feature: Ecclesial Sensitivity: sfo24/sensitivity.docx


SERVICE: Feature: Franciscan Servant Leadership: sfo24/servant.docx

                    Homily: Leadership is Service: sfo24/lead.docx


SFO FILES: Index of Web pages:

              sfo/index.htm     sfo02/index2.htm     sfo13/index3.htm     sfo30/30.htm 


SFO FILES Folders: Index: 46folders.index.docx


SHARE: PowerPoint: Don't Stop Sharing: sfo24/birds.ppt


SIMPLICITY: Feature: Chosen Simplicity: sfo24/chosen.doc


SINNERS: Monthly Spiritual Message: Saints and Sinners: sfo24/message143.doc


SOCIETY: Franciscan Outreach towards a Contemporary Society: sfo37/3society.doc


SOCIETY OF ST FRANCIS (Anglican): Website: sfo2/9links.htm


SOLIDARITY: Feature: Solidarity and Responsibility: sfo24/solidarity.doc


SOUL: PowerPoint: The Four Wives: sfo24/4wives.pps



            In the Documents of the First Order: sfo04/7app1.  sfo07/01texts

           In the Documents of the SFO: sfo04/8app2

           Structures of Spiritual Assistance diagram: sfo07/strucgram

           Collegial Spiritual Assistance: sfo09/05collast  sfo35/3collegial.pptx   sfo27/4collegial 

           Franciscan Youth and S.A.: sfo27/3youfra

           Handbook for Spiritual Assistance (Oceania): sfo07/7.htm

           Manual for Spiritual Assistance to the SFO and Franciscan Youth (CIOFS): sfo/manual.doc

            Spiritual and Pastoral Assistance: sfo24/spa.docx

            Spiritual Assistance in Oceania: sfo24/sao.docx

            Spiritual Assistance and Franciscan Youth: sfo24/SAFY

            Feature: Accompanying the OFS/YouFra: sfo24/accomp.docx



            Profile of S.A.: sfo04/1profile

            Type of S.A.: sfo09/06typeast

            Duty of S.A.: sfo09/07dutyassist

            St Francis, Formator of S.A.: sfo06/4franform

            Formation of S.A.: sfo06/6formassist

            Appointment and Formation of S.A.: sfo07/04appform

                        Guidelines: sfo07/05appguid

            Role in formation of Secular Franciscans: sfo09/08rolform

            Non-friar S.A.: sfo02/index2

                         Formation Program: sfo14/prog.pdf 

                             Covering Letters: Conference of General Assistants: sfo14/cga.pdf  

                                                        Minister General OFS: sfo14/cov.pdf 

                         Themes for the Formation of non-friar S.A.: sfo14/themes.RTF 

                         Course of Formation of Secular Franciscans as S.A.: sfo14/workshop.doc

                         General Constitutions 89.4: Circular: sfo14/circ.pdf , Interpretation: sfo14/interprac.pdf


            In the Local Fraternity: sfo27/2spasst  , sfo35/role.doc

            In Formation: sfo04/6formator

                        Response: sfo04/bourke

            In Formation Team: sfo05/12patcolb.  sfo05/13montard

            In the Meeting: sfo05/10helenja   sfo05/11tonyfox  sfo06/2formmeet


Job Description:

            Local S.A.: sfo07/06job  sfo10/1local

            Regional S.A.: sfo10/2regional

            National S.A.: sfo10/3national

            General S.A.: sfo10/4general



            For Friar Assistants: sfo04/4

                        Contents: sfo04/0content

            For All Assistants: sfo05/5

            In Papua New Guinea: sfo06/6

            For Spiritual Assistants (Philippines): sfo14/2seminar

            Encounter of SFO Spiritual Assistants (Philippines): sfo14/3encounter


SPIRITUAL COMMUNION: Monthly Spiritual Message: A Time of Spiritual Communion: sfo24/msm20-06



             Feature: Spirituality Amid Structure: sfo24/amid.doc

                             Technology and How It Affects Our Spiritual Life: sfo24/tech1.docx

                            Spiritual Fruitfulness: sfo24/fruit.docx 

            Of St Francis: A Reflection on the Spirituality of St Francis Today: sfo38/38htm

                                     Instruction: sfo38/1instruct.pdf  Commentary: sfo38/2comment.pdf

Of the Laity in the Church: sfo05/03patcolb sfo05/04todwalk  sfo05/05clarmur

sfo05/06miscott sfo05/07peterk

            Of the OFS: sfo06/8spiritsf   sfo06/8aspirits  sfo30/spirit


SPRING: PowerPoint: Enjoy a Sunny Springtime: sfo24/enjoy.pps


STATIONS OF THE CROSS: PowerPoint: Stations of the Cross: sfo24/stat.pps



             sfo07/statast09.pdf    sfo10/statast09.pdf

            Commentary: sfo02/index2.

            Presentation of Statutes: sfo09/statast09.pdf

             Feature: Message from the Ministers General: sfo24/min.pdf


STATUTES, INTERNATIONAL: Statutes of the International Fraternity of the OFS: rulesconst/statsinternat.pdf


STATUTES, NATIONAL: SFO-Australia: sfo24/natstat.doc


STATUTES, REGIONAL: Draft: sfo24/regst.doc


STIGMATA: PowerPoint Presentation: The Stigmata and St Francis of Assisi: sfo24/stigfra.pptx 

                       Homily: Embody the Gospel: sfo24/stig.docx The Path of the Cross: sfo24/path.docx

                        Feature: The Stigmatization of St Francis: sfo24/stigma.docx 

                                       Solidarity and Responsibility: sfo24/solidarity.doc 

                                       Contemplation of the Cross: sfo24/ben.docx  

                       Monthly Spiritual Message: The Stigmata: sfo24/msm20-03



              Stress Management: sfo24/message98.doc

             Our Emotional Life: sfo24/message99.doc

             Our Life of Faith: sfo24/message100.doc


STRUCTURE: Feature: Spirituality Amid Structure: sfo24/amid.doc


SULTAN: Feature: St Francis and the Sultan: sfo24/sultan.docx


SYNOD: Monthly Spiritual Message: For a Synodal Church: sfo24/fox2.docx

                Feature: Synodality: sfo24/syn.docx

                               Letter from the Synod: sfo24/synod.docx 

                 Homily: Preparing for the Synod: sfo24/synprep.docx 


SYRIA: PowerPoint Presentation: sfo24/syria.pps