1.          Conrad of Saxony, The Angel's Greeting to Mary (before 1245).



2.     Thomas of Pavia, A Dialogue on the Deeds of some holy Friars Minor




3.     Bonaventure, Sermons on the Blessed Virgin Mary  (1254-1274).

Purification Annunciation  Assumption Nativity Appendix



4.     Bonaventure, On the Most Holy Body of Christ  (1254-1274).



5.  John Pecham, A Canticle to Poverty (1269-1279).



6.     Gilbert of Tournai, Treatise on Peace  (possibly to be dated about 1276).

Biblical References



7.     Matthew of Aquasparta, Sermons on the Virgin Mary (1280-1300).

Birth  Annunciation  Purification  Assumption   Appendix



8.     Matthew of Aquasparta, Sermons on St Francis, St Anthony and St Clare (1280-1300).

St Francis   St Anthony    St Clare   Appendix



9.     Anonymous, A Meditation in solitude (13th century).


10.  James of Milan, Love's Prompting (about 1375).



11.     Peter John Olivi, Four Questions About Our Lady (about 1420).

Question 1    Question 2   Question 3   Question 4



12.     Bernardine of Siena, Treatise on the Blessed Virgin (1430-1440).

Sermons 1-4  Sermons 5-8  Sermons 9-11  Appendix



13.     Bernardine of Siena,  A Treatise on Inspiration (about 1443).

Introduction  Sermons 2 and 3  Sermon 3 cont.  Sermon 4   Appendix


14.    St Bonaventure, Five Feasts of the Child Jesus (1259)

translated by Eric Doyle OFM



Drawn from Franciscan Ascetical Writings


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