A questionnaire requesting details of active membership was circulated throughout the SFO in Oceania during 2002. Details of the age grouping of both professed and not-professed members were collected from all local fraternities and groups, except for three local fraternities in Victoria and two in Papua New Guinea.


The results have been grouped under Regional Fraternities. The best way to interpret them is to consider each Regional Fraternity separately. The Regional Executive needs to do that before conducting any vocations promotion workshop. The following facts would be useful to ascertain. They should be presented to the participants of the workshop.





q       In the past five years, which local fraternities have functioned adequately?

q       Which new local fraternities have been canonically established?

q       Which groups have been disbanded?

q       Which new groups have been formed?





q       In 1997, how many professed and how many candidates were there?

q       In 2002, how many professed and how many candidates are there?

q       In 2007, how many of the present members can be expected to attend meetings frequently?

These questions have been answered in the lists of results. The percentages of increase or decrease have been calculated.


All Regional Fraternities expect a drop in membership in the next five years, unless more candidates join the SFO in each Regional Fraternity. Hence, there is the need for promotion in the local fraternities.



Age groups


q       In the group of 29 and under, how many professed and how many candidates are there?

q       What is the total number of members in this age group?

q       Similarly from 30 to 49?

q       Similarly from 50 to 69?

q       Similarly in the group of 70 and over?

q       Which is the largest age group?

q       The second largest group?

q       Note especially the age group of 30 to 49. Is it a healthy number?

q       Is your regional SFO reaching the under 30's? Can you do anything about the Franciscan Youth Movement, as described in the SFO General Constitutions?





q       Which local Fraternities have candidates? How many?

q       Which ones do not have candidates?

q       So, which fraternities and groups need to promote membership as a priority?

q       Is promotion necessary for their survival?