The story of Franciscans International is a story of the Spirit at work among us, calling forth our Franciscan charism into dialogue with the world, as we live the call, "Go Rebuild My House."

This very short history of Franciscans International has been taken from the website:


In 1982, a Franciscan Sister from Clinton, Iowa, USA, and an OFM friar in Malta simultaneously came up with the small pebble of an idea about a Franciscan presence at the United Nations. An inter-familial UN "Preparatory Committee" was formed in 1985 and began meeting regularly over the next four years with a facilitator.  Three foci were set: Care of Creation, Concern for the Poor, and Peacemaking. An application for the status of NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) at the UN was submitted. Franciscans International was then legally incorporated in the State of New York as "The Franciscans, Inc."

On June 14, 1995, Franciscans International became the 43rd NGO to gain Category 1 - General Consultative status at the United Nations.  The status affords the privilege of making written and oral interventions at all sessions of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).  

Recently, the Conference of the Franciscan Family sent a letter to all Franciscan leaders stating: "On March 29th 1999, we, the members of the Conference of the Franciscan Family, approved the new charter of Franciscans International."  The Conference has asked all Franciscans to support Franciscans International by prayer for the work they do and by offering financial donations.

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 At the Franciscan Federation of Australia's Annual General Meeting in 2001, the members present voted unanimously to continue to support Franciscans International by our prayer and financial support.  If you would like as a group or individually to offer financial support to Franciscans International, we are more than happy to receive your donation and to forward it to the New York office for you.  Please make your cheque payable to Franciscan Federation of Australia, making it clear that the donation is for ‘Franciscans International’, and send it to the Treasurer: Chris Shorrock OFM Conv., St. Joseph's Friary, P.O. Box 270, SPRINGVALE VIC., AUSTRALIA 3171.


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PowerPoint Presentation - Sr Aileen Crowe FMM

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17 November 2006

Dear friends of FI,

 Franciscans International (FI) is pleased to announce the FI Asia Pacific project, a breakthrough for the Franciscan movement in Asia and a strong reinforcement of FI’s work in human rights.

The International Board of Directors of Franciscans International, at its meeting in Geneva on 22-24 September 2006, voted unanimously to recommend to the Confederation of the Franciscan Family (CFF) that they approve the FI Asia Pacific proposal:  a three-phase process to establish an FI office at the United Nations in Bangkok, Thailand.

 On 3 October 2006 John Celichowski, OFM Cap., President of the International Board of Directors of FI, made the formal proposal to the CFF in Assisi.  The CFF gave their consent to begin Phase 1 of the project:  to hire a coordinator to investigate the next practical steps necessary for the opening of an office in Bangkok.  After some necessary consultation, I will announce the name of the FI Asia Pacific coordinator in the near future.  The coordinator will begin work in early 2007, reporting his/her progress to the Executive Director and the President of the Board.  The President of the Board will then give a report to the CFF in anticipation of their formal approval during Holy Week 2007.

 We look forward to your participation and support for this important and historic project.

 Yours in Francis and Clare,

 John Quigley, OFM

Executive Director
Franciscans International
37-39 rue de Vermont
PO Box 104
CH 1211 Geneva 20
+41 22 919 4010 T
+41 22 740 2433 F