October           God is Love, Loui Seselja

February         Poverty, Carl Schafer OFM

                        History of Canberra Fraternity, Members



October          Loving Trust, Patrick Colbourne OFMCap

                         Brother Andrew Travers-Ball Obituaries

August            I Stand at the Door and Knock, Patrick Colbourne OFMCap

July                 Catholic Laity Congress, Emanuela De Nunzio

                         To Be Found and Loved by God, Patrick Colbourne OFMCap

                         Calling and Commitment in Fraternity, Pam Ledbrook

June                What Kind of Community?, Loui Seselja

                         Wherever the Spirit Leads Us, Doug Clorey

May                Secularity, Autonomy, Unity, Carl Schafer OFM

February         Francis with a Tau, Raniero Cantalamessa OFMCap

                        Peace Prayer of St Francis, Edmonton Fraternity, Canada



September      Franciscan Spirituality, Patrick Colbourne OFMCap

July                 How Are We Different?, Nils Thompson OFM

June                Fraternity, Tony Di Michiel

March             Homily (James 5:9-12), Vjeko Tomic OFM

                         Aim of Jubilee Year, Richer-M. Beaubien OFM



December      A Reflection, Patricia Blayden

                        God the Father, Carl Schafer OFM

                        Celebrating the Jubilee Year, Sr Madge Karecki SSJ-TOSF

November      Pilgrimage and Pardon, Cec Webster

July                 Peace Prayer, Allan Hartcher OFM

June                God the Father of Mercy, Sylvia Berger

May                Devotion to Our Lady, Carl Schafer OFM

                         The Sacrament of Penance, Martin Morris

                         Reflection on Rule Art. 4, Pam Ledbrook

                         A Vision of the Church, John Heath



December       Advent Homily, Vjeko Tomic OFM

                         The Liturgy of the Hours, John Rate MSC

November       Notes on the Rule, Art. 8

October           Secular Franciscans and Vatican II, Alban Mitchell OFM

                         To Have the Spirit of the Lord, Alban Mitchell OFM

September Supplement: Sermon to SFO Supporters, Vjeko Tomic OFM

September      Mary, Woman of Hope, Frank Farrell

July Supplement: The Theological Virtue of Hope, Martin Morris

                         End Nuclear Weapons Development,  

                       Conference of Franciscan Family

June                Pray the Rule, International Council

May                Our SFO Rule, Peter Keogh

                         Discussion on the Rule, Peter Keogh

                        The Rule, Alban Mitchell OFM

February         The Rule, Gift of the Spirit, Encarnacion Del Pozo



October           The Assisi Earthquake 1997

                        Conference of the Franciscan Family

September      Formation is Ongoing, International Council

                         A Franciscan Way, Pam Ledbrook

July                 Towards 2000, Emerenziana Rossato

April                The Fraternity, Emerenziana Rossato